First results of GTB drilling announced at IGC in Cape Town!

By Dr Tim Pharaoh; Seismic/Basin Analyst at the British Geological Survey (BGS)

Cape Town in South Africa
Tim Pharaoh is just back from the International Geological Congress (IGC) recently held in Cape Town. The week-long IGC is the most prestigious conference in the geoscience world, held every four years and attracting 5000 participants from over 100 countries. Tim presented a poster on behalf of colleagues from the British Geological Survey (BGS); Keith Ambrose, Ceri Vincent, Jonathan Pearce and University of Nottingham; Matt Hall and Lindsay Holowka under the GeoEnergy Research Centre (GERC) banner.

The GERC poster in all its glory!
The poster is the first official presentation of GERC research at an international conference. It describes initial 3D modelling work; the ongoing investigation and ground characterisation of the GeoEnergy Test Bed site, which will ultimately provide a unique test facility for monitoring the shallow subsurface; and the draft science plan for future monitoring activities. Colleagues from the South African Council for Geosciences, TNO – the Netherlands Organisation for applied scientific research, PGI – the Polish Geological Institute and the Czech Geological Survey congratulated the GERC team on successfully completing and logging the first deep site investigation borehole to a total depth of 270m, and expressed interest in future collaborative projects.
The 'Mantle Room' at Cape Town University

Following a visit to the world-famous ‘Mantle Room’ at Cape Town University during the conference, Tim plans to pursue research on CO2 sequestration into the mantle, where diamonds (as well as being a girl’s best friend!) demonstrate effective sequestration of carbon for the last 3,500,000,000 years!!!!

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