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HydroSkripts in Hannover

I’m Sarah Collins and I work as a Groundwater Modeller at the British Geological Survey.   In May, thanks to the GERC Early Career Researchers Development Fund, I was given the opportunity to travel to Hannover, Germany, to work at the German Geological Survey (BGR). I was working with experienced researchers Drs Georg Houben and Vincent Post and fellow early career researcher Dr Carlos Morel Guevara on an idea that Vincent has had for a while.     The Neues Rathaus 'New Town Hall' in Hannover   Our plan was to develop a library of analytical solutions to groundwater flow and transport processes – named HydroSkripts – coded up in the programming language Python. But why would anyone be interested in analytical solutions, when we have such sophisticated, powerful numerical modelling software? I hear you ask. (Or perhaps not, depending on your knowledge of groundwater modelling… But it is a reasonable question.) Modellers often end up producing their own model

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