2016 National Quantum Technologies Showcase: Gravity Sensors & Surveys

By Claudia Petrucci; GERC PhD student in Geophysics

On the 3rd November I took part in the 2016 National Quantum Technologies Showcase in London.

This is the second showcase event since the announcement of the UK National Quantum Technologies Programme* in December 2013, and it brought together industry and academia to demonstrate the progress of the programme (which has as objective of making the UK a leading country in the development of quantum technologies) over the last few years.

I’m part of the Quantum Systems and Technology Hub at the University of Nottingham because my PhD is focused on inverse and optimisation methods, both for designing components of quantum sensors (in particular gravity sensors based on cold atoms interferometry to be used for geophysical explorations) and to study optimised gravity surveys.

Therefore I was present at the showcase, together with my university colleagues, with a stand as we wanted to show the importance of the simulations and computer modelling we have been undertaking. In particular I had the opportunity to show some models of magnetic traps (one of the most important components of a quantum sensor) that I have designed with the Comsol Multiphysics software, and most of all my research in the optimisation of a gravity survey in terms of best positioning of the measurement points on the ground.

It was an interesting experience since I had, for the first time, the opportunity to talk with delegates from industries, young entrepreneurs and government delegates (people you don’t easily bump into in the University’s aisles!!)

It was also fascinating hearing the talks about the new innovations in the Quantum technology field and receiving a publication form the Government office for Science with an overview on the technological opportunities of the quantum age. I felt, even with my small contribution, part of a great and fascinating project!

*The UK National Quantum Technologies Programme is a £270m investment over five years, aimed at accelerating the translation of quantum technologies into the marketplace, boosting British business and making a real difference to our everyday lives. The vision is to create a coherent quantum technology community that gives the UK a world-leading position in the emerging multi-billion-pound new quantum technology markets, and to substantially enhance the value of some of the biggest UK-based industries. The programme supports investments in research, innovation, skills and technology demonstration to help UK industry to commercialise these new technologies.

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