From Ario Barzan County to the County of Robin Hood - An Introduction to Mojtaba Moradi

I am a newly appointed Research Fellow in Reservoir Flow Modelling at the GeoEnergy Research Centre (GERC). Within GERC, I am going to contribute to the EU Horizon 2020 funded ‘Enabling Onshore CO2 Storage in Europe’ (ENOS) project. I will be performing dynamic reservoir simulations of various CO2 storage scenarios to gain a better understanding of the fluid flow behaviour for different sites including the GeoEnergy Test Bed (GTB).

Rewind some years, I was born in the beautiful city of Yasuj, Iran. My hometown is located in the south-west of Iran near Shiraz (you probably know Shiraz wine and Persepolis) on the hillside of Dena mountains. Yasuj is also famous for its hero Ariobarzan the Brave who stood against the Macedonian King, Alexander, at the Battle of the Persian Gate in the winter of 330 BC. Yasuj has all beauties that you may wish your hometown to have such as jungles, farms, fruit gardens, rivers, waterfalls, and ski resorts etc. I went to the schools there before sitting the National Entrance Exam for the Universities in 2004. My life has changed a lot since that very special day and I had to move to the capital of Iran, Tehran, thereafter where I lived for seven years.

City of Yasuj

I studied my undergraduate degree in Petroleum Engineering at the Amirkabir University of Technology in Tehran. From 2008-2009, I worked at the Idea Generation Centre in the National Iranian Oil Company whilst finishing my post-graduate studies. After my MSc graduation, I started teaching a number of Petroleum and Chemical Engineering courses at Azad University.

In 2012, I moved to Edinburgh to study for my PhD at Heriot-Watt University. I still remember during the first days of my arrival in Edinburgh I was unable to understand the Scottish accent at all, sometimes even one word. Anyway, I started my PhD work on a joint industry project with the Intelligent Well Technologies Research Group where my study was focused on the development of approaches and workflows for modelling and design optimisation of intelligent wells. In particular, I developed a workflow for the design optimisation of inflow control devices and annular flow isolations in the horizontal wells. I then continued my study working on the hot topic of these days, “Unconventional Reservoirs” in the Unconventional Gas Condensate Recovery Group at the University. I studied several aspects of these (misbehave) reservoirs including the performance evaluation and optimisation. I applied mathematical techniques to develop tools that will be used by the companies to evaluate the performance and improve the design of fractured wells. In brief, as a petroleum engineer, I have experience in the areas highlighted with red circles in the figure below.

The field development planning loop, (Courtesy of IWFsT Research Group, 2012)

I am a fan of sports from football to hiking, either as a player (I was a football player for my province) or as a coach. Besides my PhD study, I have attended several training courses and received several certificates for coaching football, especially to children whilst coaching at the Currie FC football club in Edinburgh. Many suggested I consider coaching as a career path and perhaps I will become the next manager of Nottingham Forest as the next step would be for me to get the Certificate C EUFA.

At the moment I am discovering the city of Nottingham and enjoy living here. I am currently carrying a pedometer as part of the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge so counting my every step in Nottingham! Let me not forget to mention that shortly after my arrival in Nottingham, my colleagues at GERC surprised me with a yummy cake cooked by a very talented baker : ) for my birthday.

Finally, I am interested in continuing research in the areas such as Multiphysics flow simulation, complex well modelling, unconventional reservoirs and data analytics. I am looking forward to collaborating with my colleagues at GERC.

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