GERC - Virginia Tech IRES Collaboration: Casey Jennings

Standing in front of Matterhorn with a
'Tiger rag' representing my Alma mater,
 Clemson University
My name is Casey Jennings and I am a Master’s student and graduate research assistant in the Mining and Minerals Engineering Department in Blacksburg, Virginia, USA. I am assisting on a CO2 storage and enhanced gas recovery project in unmineable coal seams in Buchanan County, Virginia. I am monitoring the produced water quality during the injection to see if any changes occur.

Over the summer, I spent seven weeks working with the British Geological Survey (BGS) and University of Nottingham’s co-established GeoEnergy Research Centre. While there, I mainly worked at the BGS with Dr. Andrew Kilpatrick on batch reaction models in PHREEQC. This is the basis for creating a 1D reactive transport model for predicting how the CO2 will react with the water and coal in the reservoir. Things of interest include changes in pH, alkalinity, redox, and which minerals in the system dissolve or precipitate out. I also spent some time consulting with Dr. Veerle Vandeginste about my work.

I took advantage of my proximity and visited some other places around Europe on the weekends. One of my favorite places was Switzerland. I hiked around Matterhorn in the Alps, which was spectacular, and I also enjoyed the lively city of Lucerne.

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